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Not Like Us

Kendrick Lamar


Not Like Us
Tiempo desde su lanzamiento
2.3 meses
Fecha de estreno: 04/05/2024
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Psst, I see dead people (Mustard on the beat, hoe) Ayy, Mustard on the beat, hoe Deebo, any rap nigga, he a free throw Man down, call an ambulance, tell him, "Breathe, bro" Nail a nigga to the cross, he walk around like Teezo What's up with these jabroni-ass niggas tryna see Compton? The industry can hate me, fuck 'em all and they mama How many opps you really got? I mean, it's too many options I'm finna pass on this body, I'm John Stockton Beat your ass and hide the Bible if God watchin' Sometimes you gotta pop out and show niggas Certified boogeyman, I'm the one that up the score with 'em Walk him down, whole time I know he got some hoe in him Pole on him, extort shit, bully, Death Row on him Say, Drake, I hear you like 'em young You better not ever go to cell block one To any bitch that talk to him and they in love Just make sure you hide your lil' sister from him They tell me Chubbs the only one that get your hand-me-downs And PARTY at the party, playin' with his nose now And Baka got a weird case, why is he around? Certified Lover Boy? Certified pedophiles Wop, wop, wop, wop, wop, Dot, fuck 'em up Wop, wop, wop, wop, wop, I'ma do my stuff Why you trollin' like a bitch? Ain't you tired? Tryna strike a chord and it's probably A-Minor ♪ They not like us, they not like us, they not like us They not like us, they not like us, they not like us You think the Bay gon' let you disrespect Pac, nigga? I think that Oakland show gon' be your last stop, nigga Did Cole fouI, I don't know why you still pretendin' What is the owl? Bird niggas and bird bitches, go The audience not dumb Shape the stories how you want, hey, Drake, they're not slow Rabbit hole is still deep, I can go further, I promise Ain't that somethin'? B-Rad stands for bitch And you Malibu most wanted Ain't no law, boy, you ballboy, fetch Gatorade or somethin' Since 2009, I had this bitch jumpin' You niggas'll get a wedgie, be flipped over your boxers What OVO for? The "Other Vaginal Option"? Pussy Nigga better straighten they posture, got famous all up in Compton Might write this for the docket, tell the pop star, "Quit hidin'" Fuck a caption, want action, no accident, and I'm hands-on He fuck around, get polished Fucked on Wayne girl while he was in jail, that's connivin' Then get his face tatted like a bitch apologizin' I'm glad DeRoz' came home, y'all didn't deserve him neither From Alondra down to Central, nigga better not speak on Serena And your homeboy need subpoena, that predator move in flocks That name gotta be registered and placed on neighborhood watch I lean on you niggas like another line of Wock' Yeah, it's all eyes on me, and I'ma send it up to Pac, ayy Put the wrong label on me, I'ma get 'em dropped, ayy Sweet Chin Music, and I won't pass the aux, ayy How many stocks do I really have in stock? Ayy One, two, three, four, five, plus five, ayy Devil is a lie, he a 69 God, ayy Freaky-ass niggas need to stay they ass inside, ayy Roll they ass up like a fresh pack of 'za, ayy City is back up, it's a must, we outside, ayy ♪ They not like us, they not like us, they not like us They not like us, they not like us, they not like us Once upon a time, all of us was in chains Homie still doubled down callin' us some slaves Atlanta was the Mecca, buildin' railroads and trains Bear with me for a second, let me put y'all on game The settlers was usin' town folk to make 'em richer Fast-forward, 2024, you got the same agenda You run to Atlanta when you need a check balance Let me break it down for you, this the real nigga challenge You called Future when you didn't see the club (ayy, what?) Lil Baby helped you get your lingo up (what?) 21 gave you false street cred Thug made you feel like you a slime in your head (ayy, what?) Quavo said you can be from Northside (what?) 2 Chainz say you good, but he lied You run to Atlanta when you need a few dollars No, you not a colleague, you a fuckin' colonizer The family matter, and the truth of the matter It was God's plan to show y'all the liar Mm Mm-mm He a fan, he a fan, he a fan (mm) He a fan, he a fan, he a- Freaky-ass nigga, he a 69 God Freaky-ass nigga, he a 69 God Hey, hey, hey, hey, run for your life Hey, hey, hey, hey, run for your life Freaky-ass nigga, he a 69 God Freaky-ass nigga, he a 69 God Hey, hey, hey, hey, run for your life Hey, hey, hey, hey, run for your life Let me hear you say, "OV-hoe" (OV-hoe) Say, "OV-hoe" (OV-hoe) Then step this way, step that way Then step this way, step that way Are you my friend? Are we locked in? Then step this way, step that way Then step this way, step that way

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La energía es una medida que va desde 0.0 hasta 1.0 y representa una medida perceptual de intensidad y actividad. En general, las pistas energéticas parecen rápidas, fuertes y ruidosas. Por ejemplo, el death metal tiene una alta energía, mientras que un preludio de Bach puntúa bajo. Las características perceptuales que contribuyen a este atributo incluyen el rango dinámico, la percepción de la intensidad, el timbre, la tasa de inicio y la entropía general.


Una medida de confianza de 0.0 a 1.0 que indica si la pista es acústica. Un valor de 1.0 representa una alta certeza de que la pista es acústica.


La 'bailabilidad' describe cuán adecuada es una canción para bailar, basándose en una combinación de elementos musicales que incluyen el tempo, la estabilidad del ritmo, la fuerza del ritmo y la regularidad en general. Un valor de 0.0 es la menos adecuada para bailar y 1.0 es la más adecuada.


Predice si una pista carece de elementos vocales. Así, los sonidos de 'Ooh' y 'aah' son considerados instrumentales. Pistas de rap o de palabras habladas son inequívocamente identificadas como 'vocales'. Si valor de instrumentalidad se acerca a 1.0, es más probable que la pista no contenga contenido vocal. Valores > 0.5 indican claramente pistas instrumentales, y la confiabilidad se incrementa a medida que el valor se acerca a 1.0.


Detecta la presencia de público en la grabación. Valores de 'directo' más elevados indican una probabilidad mayor de que la pista se haya interpretado en vivo. Un valor superior a 0.8 ofrece una alta probabilidad de que la pista sea en en directo.


La sonoridad general de una pista en decibelios (dB). Los valores de sonoridad se promedian en toda la pista y son útiles para comparar la sonoridad relativa de las pistas. La sonoridad es la cualidad de un sonido que constituye el correlato psicológico primario de la fuerza física (amplitud). Los valores generalmente oscilan entre -60 y 0 dB.


'Hablado' detecta la presencia de palabras habladas en una pista. cuanto la pista más se parezca al habla (por ejemplo, un programa de entrevistas o audiolibros), más cercano a 1.0 será el valor del atributo. Valores por encima de 0.66 describen pistas que probablemente estén compuestas completamente por palabras habladas. Valores entre 0.33 y 0.66 denotan que pueden contener tanto música como habla, incluyendo casos como la música rap. Valores por debajo de 0.33 probablemente representan música y otras pistas que no se asemejan al habla.


Una medida de 0.0 a 1.0 que describe la positividad musical transmitida por una pista. Las pistas con un alto valor suenan más positivas (por ejemplo, alegres, felices, eufóricas), mientras que las pistas con un valor bajo suenan más negativas (por ejemplo, tristes, deprimidas, enojadas).