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23 días
Fecha de estreno: 31/05/2024
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Hey, Em, it's Paul Uh, I was listening to the album Good fucking luck, you're on your own Guess who's back, back again? Shady's back, tell a friend Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Da-da-da, da, da, da, da, da, da Da-da-da, da, da, da, da Well, look what the stork brung (what?) Little baby devil with the forked tongue (ha) And it's stickin' out, yeah, like a sore thumb (bleh) With a forehead that it grew horns from (look) Still a white jerk (it's him), pullin' up in a Chrysler to the cypher With the Vics, Percs and a Bud Light shirt Lyrical technician (yeah), an electrician (yeah) Y'all light work And I don't gotta play pretend, it's you I make believe (what?) And you know I'm here to stay 'cause me (why?) If I was to ever take a leave (what?) It would be aspirin' to break a feve' (yeah) If I was to ask for Megan Thee (what?) Stallion if she would collab with me Would I really have a shot at a feat? I don't know, but I'm glad to be back like Abra-abracadabra (and for my last trick) I'm 'bout to reach in my bag, bruh (like) Abra-abracadabra (and for my last trick, poof) Just like that and I'm back, bro Now, back in the days of old me (when?) Right around the time I became a dope fiend (oh) Ate some codeine as a way of coping (mm) Taste of opiates, case of O.E. Turned me into smiley face emoji (woo) My shit may not be age-appropriate But I will hit an eight-year-old in the face with a participation trophy 'Cause I have zero doubts That this whole world's 'bout To turn into some girl scouts That censorship bureau's out to (shut me down) So when I started this verse It did start off lighthearted at first (hmm) But it feels like I'm targeted Mind-bogglin' how my profit has skyrocketed Look what I pocketed Yeah, the shit is just like y'all had been light joggin', and I've been runnin' at full speed And that's why I'm ahead like my noggin', and I'm the fight y'all get in When you debate who the best, but opps, I'm white chalkin' when I step up to that mic, cock it then "Oh my God, it's him, not again!" Abra-abracadabra (and for my last trick) I'm 'bout to reach in my bag, bruh (like) Abra-abracadabra (and for my last trick, poof) Just like that, and I'm back, bro (break it down) Sometimes, I wonder what the old me'd say (if what?) If he could see the way shit is today (look at this shit, man) He'd probably say that everything is gay (like happy) What's my name? What's my name? (Slim Shady) So, how many little kids still wanna act like me? I'm a bigger prick than cacti be (yeah) And that's why these (what?) Words sting just like you were being attacked by bees (bzz) In the coupe, leaning back my seat (what?) Bumpin' R. Kelly's favorite group (uh), the black guy (guy) pees (pees) In my Air Max 90s White Ts, walkin' parental advisory My transgender cat's Siamese (why?) Identifies as Black, but acts Chinese Like a motherfuckin' Hacky Sack, I treat (what?) The whole world 'cause I got it at my feet (yeah) How can I explain to you (what?) That even myself I'm a danger to? (Yeah) I hop on tracks like a kangaroo And say a few things or two to anger you But fuck that, if I think that shit, I'ma say that shit Cancel me, what? Okay, that's it Go ahead, Paul, quit, snake-ass prick You male cross-dresser, fake-ass bitch And I'll probably get shit for that (watch) But you can all suck my dick, in fact Fuck them, fuck Dre, fuck Jimmy, fuck me, fuck you (what?) Fuck my own kids, they're brats (fuck 'em) They can screw off (yeah), them and you all (uh) You too, Paul (punk), got two balls Big as RuPaul's (whoa) What you thought you saw ain't what you saw (nah) 'Cause you're never gon' see me Caught sleepin' and see the kidnappin' never did happen (no) Like Sherri Papini, Harry Houdini I vanish into the thin air as I'm leaving like Abra-abracadabra (and for my last trick) I'm 'bout to reach in my bag, bruh (like) Abra-abracadabra (and for my last trick, poof) Just like that and I'm back, bro

Características de Houdini


La energía es una medida que va desde 0.0 hasta 1.0 y representa una medida perceptual de intensidad y actividad. En general, las pistas energéticas parecen rápidas, fuertes y ruidosas. Por ejemplo, el death metal tiene una alta energía, mientras que un preludio de Bach puntúa bajo. Las características perceptuales que contribuyen a este atributo incluyen el rango dinámico, la percepción de la intensidad, el timbre, la tasa de inicio y la entropía general.


Una medida de confianza de 0.0 a 1.0 que indica si la pista es acústica. Un valor de 1.0 representa una alta certeza de que la pista es acústica.


La 'bailabilidad' describe cuán adecuada es una canción para bailar, basándose en una combinación de elementos musicales que incluyen el tempo, la estabilidad del ritmo, la fuerza del ritmo y la regularidad en general. Un valor de 0.0 es la menos adecuada para bailar y 1.0 es la más adecuada.


Predice si una pista carece de elementos vocales. Así, los sonidos de 'Ooh' y 'aah' son considerados instrumentales. Pistas de rap o de palabras habladas son inequívocamente identificadas como 'vocales'. Si valor de instrumentalidad se acerca a 1.0, es más probable que la pista no contenga contenido vocal. Valores > 0.5 indican claramente pistas instrumentales, y la confiabilidad se incrementa a medida que el valor se acerca a 1.0.


Detecta la presencia de público en la grabación. Valores de 'directo' más elevados indican una probabilidad mayor de que la pista se haya interpretado en vivo. Un valor superior a 0.8 ofrece una alta probabilidad de que la pista sea en en directo.


La sonoridad general de una pista en decibelios (dB). Los valores de sonoridad se promedian en toda la pista y son útiles para comparar la sonoridad relativa de las pistas. La sonoridad es la cualidad de un sonido que constituye el correlato psicológico primario de la fuerza física (amplitud). Los valores generalmente oscilan entre -60 y 0 dB.


'Hablado' detecta la presencia de palabras habladas en una pista. cuanto la pista más se parezca al habla (por ejemplo, un programa de entrevistas o audiolibros), más cercano a 1.0 será el valor del atributo. Valores por encima de 0.66 describen pistas que probablemente estén compuestas completamente por palabras habladas. Valores entre 0.33 y 0.66 denotan que pueden contener tanto música como habla, incluyendo casos como la música rap. Valores por debajo de 0.33 probablemente representan música y otras pistas que no se asemejan al habla.


Una medida de 0.0 a 1.0 que describe la positividad musical transmitida por una pista. Las pistas con un alto valor suenan más positivas (por ejemplo, alegres, felices, eufóricas), mientras que las pistas con un valor bajo suenan más negativas (por ejemplo, tristes, deprimidas, enojadas).